Yung Rizzo x Buzz Music

A review for “Game Over” was released by Buzz Music, see below. Also, check out the rest of the article and interview with Yung Rizzo:


Yung Rizzo released his single titled “Game Over” and get ready to hop on the dance floor and move! This electrifying record is sure to have your energy exhilarated, and mood grooving. What’s super cool about “Game Over” was how the introduction felt like a classic “video game tune” while showing elements of current dance pop. the flow and delivery were fun, charismatic, and vibrant, exuding a sense of joy across the listener. Yung Rizzo fuses the elements of pop and hip-hop, effortlessly. The way he intertwines both genres in “Game Over” was super radical and dope to hear! Yung Rizzo isn’t like your typical artist. A stylistic and multi-faceted individual, Yung Rizzo knows how to stand apart from the crowd! The hook in “Game Over” was so addicting, it had me repeating the tune, melody, and lyrics over and over again! The production of “Game Over” correctly represented the title of the song, adding a nice metaphorical dimension to the bright record. “Game Over” is a danceable tune, many people would love, digestible for all ages and lovers of music!